Marmor ♦ Granit ♦ Cotto ♦ Kacheln ♦ Fliesen ♦ Mosaik ♦ Stein
The Company

The company originated in 1954 in Venezuela.
Owner was Iovine Raffaele (father) .Im 1968 the family
went to Italy and continued the works like loops and site
foremen there. In 1988 became the company on the name
Iovine Paolo Headlined (son). The old Tradizions work
with approx. 7 rent worker continues and in Completely

Today the company does work like, loops and site foremen
of new-moved marble and granite, restoration of old layers.
Transfer of marble, granite, Porzelanplatten, Cotto, tiles,
tiles, mosaic and stone. The machines are on the newest state
of the technology and are served only by the specialist staff.

In 2005, the company with own state visited, the StoneTec fair
occur in Nuremberg and with. The preoccupation was, above all,
in Germany the craft to pressing animals.
We work also in whole Europe.